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Car Wash


Clean cars make the whole day feel better. Let our state of the art Wet Tandem™ car wash tunnel brighten your day. Receive a complimentary car wash with every Oil Change.


The Tandem RiteTouch's full-body detergent coverage and simplified two brush engineering provides consistent cleaning performance with minimal brush contact. On average, the Tandem touches the vehicle up to 70% less than five-brush car wash systems on the market. With the widest top brush coverage in the industry, the foam brushes are torque sensitive to monitor the contour of the vehicle and provide low-force cleaning power.  the side-profiling, high-pressure wash arms, effectively remove stubborn soil from the vehicle's surface. Plus, the three stage wheel cleaning system includes chemical application, rottion soft rim scrubbers and high pressure wheel blasters. The key factor to RiteTouch technology is touching the vehicle as little as possible to minimze the potential for vehicle damage, but applying the right amount of touch to produce a superior wash quality.

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